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My new fursuit! A German Shepherd. The ultimate outfit/look is going to be very hipstery.



LEGO Settlers of Catan is too epic for words.

Might I suggest people like this on the Lego Cuusoo site…when it hits 10k it might actually get made into an official LEGO set.

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This shop is fantastic. I have seen at least one woman working there, not sure if there are more. As a woman, I felt a little nervous about going in here and setting up a pull list for the first time, but the staff was great and they are always friendly and treat me well. I have another female friend who’s a regular here and has always felt comfortable. From what I’ve observed, they treat everyone who comes in with the same respect, and they’re always happy to answer questions. 

I live 40 minutes away in Livonia and this is why we will go here over any place closer. This place is literally the best.

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If you like toys, fandoms, pop culture, and crazy creatures this link is for you!

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If you like toys, fandoms, pop culture, and crazy creatures this link is for you!

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Awesome wooly rhino for sale of furbid!


Burns the cat, I have this suit up for sale on FurBuy. I wanted to make something with a very distinct fur patter and I think it was a success. It was a fun suit to make but I just can’t really get into character with it. I figure someone else could give him a good home.


I want to clarify my position on this, since I’m thinking about. I will always have hang-ups with someone who is a Creationist. More specifically, this pertains to young earth creationists. I have less of a problem with old earth creationism, I don’t like it, but if you truly believe there is a god and this is how you can resolve scientific observations, I can accept that. It’s still wrong, in my opinion.

I can respect a young earth creationist as a person and for their work creatively, intellectually, or otherwise (unless it’s certain areas of science), I have had but as I said, there will always be a part of my mind that gets hung up on that. I’m sure I have had friends who are and will make friend who are creationists. My big problem with the whole idea is the choice to ignore some of the most amazing discoveries mankind has made. That what we have discovered is fundamentally wrong and a waste of time because it was all just set up by some unseen power 6,000 or so years ago. I cannot accept this. Some examples of these branches of science:

- Aging of rocks and mineral strata
- Effect of erosion (Grand Canyon was made in a day, not necessarily believed by all YECs, but heavily associated with)

- Broadly Paleontology
- Evolution (macro and/or micro)
- Radiocarbon dating (this falls under chemistry and physics too)

Cosmology (pretty much everything we get from this is negated by YEC):
- The Big Bang Theory (not the terrible show)
- Cosmic background radiation
- The fact that most of the stars in the Universe are more than 6000 or so light years away
- Many more fundamentals and observations from this science

I just have to say this again, I find this fundamentally wrong and a knock to the work of many brilliant people.

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this is the best filmed transformation scene in any werewolf movie and if you think otherwise i’ll sock you in the jaw

Hold up

Sit down

Abe gonna tell a story

This scene is not only icon it is HISTORY MAKING in film. This is the FIRST werewolf film to show not only a transformation as being a painful experience as opposed the the casual shift of previous werewolf films- it was also the very first to film a transformation sequence in full lighting. 

Rick Baker is the mastermind behind this scene, The mechanisms for the transformations were so complex it took Mr. Baker upwards of 4 months to simply work out the facial transformations. For a shot less than a few seconds long. 

This few seconds of footage took 6 days to film- including upwards of 10 hours of makeup and prosthetic application onto actor David Naughton, five hours of set work and three hours to remove the make up and prosthetics. For this reason, they could only set up once a day to film, Rick Baker estimated only about a half hour of actual filming took place in those days. 

BECAUSE OF THIS FILM MAKEUP AND INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY WERE RECOGNIZED BY THE ACADEMY AWARDS. Rick Baker was the first person to receive and award for his makeup on the film. This meant that not only were actors and directors getting recognized for their achievements, but now makeup artists and the like were getting attention as well. 

I could go on and on but I believe I made my point. 

I you do not think this is a groundbreaking scene in cinema history you can punch sand

[An American Werewolf in London, 1981]

I like it when this kind of stuff gets written on my gif sets :D 

So fuckin’ tight.

It’s also fun to read about the rivalry this film had with The Howling, which came out that same year. Rick Baker was originally hired for the Howling, but then left the production for American Werewolf, and the two films were determined to make the better werewolf movie.

Also Wolfen came out that year too. 1981 was a good year for werewolves.

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