Our good friend Hanksy is on a mission with The Hundreds to dig through all the street art crates of America and tell us the best stories and the best finds.

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MonsterFalls AU

Not my own concept, but it’s cool.  Here’s where you should go if you have questions. 

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Finally got the time to sit down and draw out Voodoo, a swamp dwelling dragon with a little swamp magic in him. 

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Tgus stuff is the best #pumpkin #pumpkinspice stuff ever!




I’m loving Bojack Horseman, best show on Netflix right now. So I just had to make some fan art! I wanted to emulate without copying the shows style as much as possible, and I hope I did it justice.


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Got my new hat! #fursuit #onepiece #chopper




I just finished this guy as a gift, and I love how he turned out. I wish I could keep him >.>

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  • Question: Your blog is such a big help for people who don't want to hug murrsuits. Also to warn people what murrsuits are worn in public. So thank you for that - Anonymous
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    The reason I created this blog is to show APPRECIATION for Murrsuiters.
    Murrsuiters deserve the same respect as any other member of the furry community.

    Personally, I don’t consider people like you TRUE furries.
    REAL furries - believe in being Open-Minded, nonjudgmental, and accepting of any, and all interests.
    And the fact that there’s people out there who call themselves ‘furries’ and can be as close-minded as you, really makes me sick.

    @Coleyote: Exactly my point!! A clean Murrsuit is no more dirty than the clothes you wear to the store!

    @Nickthemoonwolf: I KNOW RIGHT!? Some people can be so stupid. I jerk off in my clothes all the time! That doesn’t make my wardrobe into one big collection of ‘sex toys’.

    First of all, there’s no definition of what a “real furry” is, so stop. 

    Second, wanting people not to wear their sex suits in public does not make a person “closed minded”. Personally, I don’t give a damn if someone wants to have sex in a fursuit in the privacy of their own home. Hell, it’s something I have a passive interest in doing myself. However, the difference between me and you is that I don’t think it would be acceptable for me to wear that same suit to a convention after performing said acts in it. 

    Washing a fursuit in hot water can, and most likely will, damage it. I am willing to bet most suit owners don’t do this. No amount of woolite or disinfectant is going to get the sex stuff completely out. Further, a fursuit is a specialty item. Regular clothing is not. Regular clothing can also be washed more completely than fursuits because it won’t disintegrate under heat, which, might I add, is the most efficient way to get mess out of fabric. 

    The moment one wears a fursuit during sex is the moment it becomes a fetish object in the same way bondage or puppy play gear does. Do you see people wearing their bondage gear out in public? I certainly don’t. If they do, they get weird looks and disapproval, and rightfully so, because sex objects belong in the bedroom.

    I’m not saying someone who uses a fursuit for sex doesn’t deserve respect as a person. Their sexual preferences have no bearing on their personal value. I don’t think anyone is saying that. (I’d hope not, at least.) The bottom line is that a fursuit used for sex should stay in ones own personal home. You might be okay with unknowingly hugging a sex toy, but most people aren’t. 

    I think some murrsuits are quite adorable, so don’t even go down the “you’re closed minded” route. 


    The other huge problem here is people posting about their murrsuits in public is it makes the rest of us look bad. You want to know where the stereotype and fear from people outside the fandom comes from? It’s you guys. Without your inability to understand what is acceptable to society as a whole you make drag the rest of us down with you and turn us into a sick joke.

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someone asked me anonymously about this suit!!!

 the owner is :3

finally figured it out for you! I hope you see this post

Thanks for not crediting me for a picture I took, it’s totally cool to not do that.

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